5th BalkanSpa Health & Wellness Summit

5th BalkanSpa Health & Wellness Summit 2015

Dear spa & wellness professionals,

We would like to invite to the fifth annual meeting for Spa, Wellness and Health industry professionals on the Balkans to be held in

Thermana Park Laško Hotel from 5 – 8 November 2015.

Balkan Spa Summit is organized each year by a different Balkan country offering the opportunity to exchange ideas and network. The Summit will present innovative ideas and concepts addressing to expert participants of the industry while creating affluent business opportunities and rendering the Balkan Spa Summit a European and global event.

As the Balkan peninsula has huge natural resources and conditions for the development of this industry, it will give grounds for general discussion on the specifics in the area. The event will give the best opportunities for establishment of partnerships between our Balkan countries in the Spa and Wellness business.

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5th BalkanSpa Health & Wellness Summit 2015


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