Spa, Wellness, Thalasso, Thermal & Health Tourism Expo & Conference of Balkan Countries

Altın Yunus Resort & Thermal Hotel, Cesme, Turkey, 4 – 7 October 2012

Balkan Spa Summit is most significant event, annual gathering of the professionals in the industries of Spa, Wellness and Medical Tourism on the Balkan Peninsula. As the Balkan region have huge natural resources and conditions for the development of these industries, the Summit will give grounds for general discussion on the specifics in the area. Each one of the Balkan countries will host the event by their turns every year. The first edition of the Summit was held in Bulgaria, in September, 2011.

Balkan Spa Summit is organized by the joined forces of the Spa Associations of Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia – Turkish Association of Spa Thalasso and Health Resorts /TURKSPA/, National Association for SPA & Wellness Tourism /NAST/, Spa Managers Club of Greece /SMCG/ and Serbian Spas Association, supported of the Union Professional SPA Hotels and Wellness Resorts of Ukraine.

The main goal is to enhance the future cooperation and create a solid platform for development and popularization of Spa, Wellness and Medical Tourism Industries in the Balkans through joining our forces together, establishing partnerships on regional basis. Thus we will become more competitive, attractive and profitable destination in the Hospitality industry. Making these joint efforts we will create a bigger regional Balkan market which will attract more investments and more interest of the big producers, investors and tour operators.

The main objective of the event is to spearhead the achievements of the Balkans’ Spa Industry enriching the participants’ theoretical and practical experience in Spa-ing. Interested parties will be given the opportunity to attend various workshops and open discussions covering the latest news and information from the Balkans and Europe spreading the message of spa lifestyle.

The Summit will present innovative ideas and concepts addressing to expert participants of the industry while creating affluent business opportunities and rendering the Balkan Spa Summit a European and global event.

The Organizing Committee of the Balkan Spa Summit cordially invites you to be part of this innovative opportunity and experience. Please allow us to set new standards and improve the spa practices while opening up in new opportunities.

For up-to-the-minute information and further details please visit the official website at or call:

Prof. Dr. Zeki Karagülle, +90 212 635 12 01, İstanbul, Turkey

Mr. Tayfun Gümüş , +90 232 716 88 04, İstanbul, Turkey


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